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Top Cydia Games For an Adventurous Gaming

Cydia is loved for gaming, where you will find thousands of amazing gaming apps which Apple has restricted from ordinary users. Getting the full use of the jailbroken iDevice, millions of iOS users have the habit of playing Cydia Games, where all jailbreakers are allowed to access both emulators and cracked for the best gaming experience like never before. If you are a game lover in the fence of Jailbreaking your iDevice or not, this piece of writing would sound interesting as we wish to cover some of the top rated Cydia Games through today’s writing to make you more and more love to game on it. So read on and start playing with best of Cydia.

Cydia games

Best Cydia Games for your iDevice

Cydia makes the difference of a jailbroken and a none jailbroken iDevice, by offering thousands of advanced themes, wallpapers, apps, tweaks and also games for an immersive iOS experience like never before. If you are a gamer, Cydia could be the best place for what you looked for, so if you are still not a jailbreaker, this is the right time to switch.

Cydia Games comes in different categories like action, puzzle, tragedy, word and more to make the user find exactly what they love easily. No matter you a 3D gamer or a classic lover, Cydia is ready to offer a wide range of game options for the true entertainment purpose.

Top Emulator Cydia Games

cydia games

  • Lion King
  • Donkey Kong
  • Mortal Combat
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Need for Speed
  • Super Mario
  • Final Fantasy
  • Sonic the Hedgehog

Even though video games have a lot of focus in Cydia gaming, you can have more games which have designed for different tastes of iOS users, below are some of my favorites, so see is that what you love too.

cydia games

  • Circles
  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • Tetris
  • A Falling Sand
  • Dames
  • MacMen

From where you can get best Cydia Games?

There are thousands of Cydia games available in Cydia store which are free to download or for a little cost. To get the best Cydia games you must know from where to visit, so below are some of the best known Cydia sources where you could collect your favorites.

cydia games

  • SiNful iPhone especially for 3D Games like Dungeon Hunter 3 Hacks, Modern War Hacks and more
  • ZodTTD for Nintendo games
  • iPhoneCake for premium games like temple run, Fruit Ninja, Angry birds and more
  • iHacksRepo for ROMs games like Doodle Jump, Modern Combat 3 IDA and more
  • xSellize for classic gamers who love 80s and early 90s games

In addition to above sources like iSpazio, Foneguide, MyGreatiPhone, Urban Fanatics etc. will also help you to find thousands of best Cydia games in your iDevice.

How to Download Cydia Games?

Cydia is an app store for jailbreakers which is absolutely user supportive just like the App store. But we thought of proving a step by step guide to those who struggles or if you are visiting for the first time.

  • Step 1: Launch Cydia app from the Home screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • Step 2: Tap “Sections” and select “Games”
  • Step 3: Find the particular game you want to try and tap on it
  • Step 4: then tap to “Install” and you will notice it is downloading into your iDevice
  • Step 5: Within seconds the game you selected will be downloaded, and you can exit Cydia and start playing with the downloaded game from your Home screen

cydia games

That is all you have to do, and now you are ready to play with your favorites. Different to the App store, Cydia offers wide options to your jailbroken iDevice by offering advanced applications and tweaks for an immersive iOS experience. And Cydia Games reserve a big space in Cydia store as millions of users get involved with Cydia gaming. If you are a jailbreaker, you must be a big fan of Cydia games and if you are still not a jailbreaker, look for a compatible jailbreak for your iOS and open up a world of new apps, tweaks and games to make your iOS experience more adventurous.

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Cydia for android

If you are iOS users, user you know about Cydia download but I think the majority of android users don’t know they also can use this foremost app according to Jay Freeman. He had officially released Cydia for androids. Today androids able to become more famous among worldwide. So Cydia android is the best option of the owner of Cydia download. Indeed, Cydia is a very powerful and useful software application for both of androids and iOS devices because it is like a black-market for apps and tweaks.

Cydia for android

Role of Cydia on androids and iOS devices can change the interface, unlike the situation. The purpose of Cydia android is not as usual download and install apps and tweaks. With rooting also can to it. So that’s why, directly we cannot say Cydia app when talk about androids, it called as Cydiasubtract. Role ofCydia at androids can do more additional thing download apps and tweaks.Curiously there are no any restrictions between google and Cydia about this awesome feature.

How to installCydia for androids

The process is same as iOS devices. First you need to root androids to download Cydia subtract. You can install Cydia as an APK file and it supports androids 2.3 and above versions. Then you can enjoy Cydia at androids. Wow, how nice!

How to root androids for Cydia

Root is the same process to jailbreak iOS versions. To root there are several android rooting accesses like king root, kingo root, iRoot, root genius and few others. So you can select any rooting tool as your favor to root your pretty device but you must be aware when to select a rooting app. Then finally you can download Cydia android version behalf SuperSu or Super User.

You should note that Cydia for android is still at its first step do could have some bugs, so recommended to having a backup of the device data before the procedure.

I know that most of you are confused with Cydia android. but that is the truth. Android users, t you are lucky to download Cydia for androids. Even you can download third party apps for your android smartphone or tablet via this awesome feature and Cydia app developer also easy to install Cydia apps via Cydia subtract without any Cydia sources.

Alterative Cydia for androids

If you difficult to find trusted Cydia subtract for your device there are some alternativeCydiasolutions too. You can use them also.

Don’t miss to spread this grates news among your android using friends too!

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