Libertv jailbreak for tvOS 11 – tvOS 11.1

Hello everyone! Here is an update for those who are interested to jailbreak Apple TV 4 devices running tvOS 11 to 11.1. It was another offer of famed Jonathan Levin as Libertv jailbreak with absolute functions. This is the most recent update for TV jailbreakers. It can be simply drive using Cydia Impactor as an IPA file to load the certain jailbreak app. However, it is a Semi-untethered breakout that has to repeatedly use in recommended ways. And we are going to arrange you a complete guide to break the barrier of your beloved device once mode in an advanced approach. From then, you are eligible to add all your preferred media apps without any constraint.


Pull things together before jailbreak Apple TV for they are important. Here are few things. Are you ready even to face serious movements either?

  • USB-C cable to network both devices
  • Apple TV 4 should functioning tvOS 11 to tvOS 11.1. Cannot use with any other version
  • A PC, Linux or a Mac
  • Cydia Impactor and Libertv IPA file

How to jailbreak using Libertv jailbreak?

The user should sign the IPA file of Libertv jailbreak for it is an unsigned binary. In such situation, you have to confirm whether you are going to get Appleā€™s codesign or Cydia impactor to sideload. The second option is the easiest manner to load an IPA perfectly. In this guide, we are going to guide you through Cydia Impactor. Here we go.

  • Use USB-C and network the Apple TV
  • Download recommended files from formal websites (Cydia Impactor + Libertv IPA. And these must be latest updates taken from official hosts. As recommended, any mirror package that you prepared should not use for any reason as they might harm you
  • Launch Cydia Impactor
  • Check whether Impactor notify that the TV has been connected
  • Once everything is clear, drop the certain IPA package to the UI

libertv jailbreak

  • Tap the start key > Apple ID logins
  • The jailbreak app will state on Apple TV. And then you have to unplug it and reconnect to the TV using HDMI
  • Launch the loaded Libertv app from Home screen

libertv jailbreak

  • You have to select several options from the next list as recommended
  • Tap Do it and remain

libertv jailbreak

  • This may be rebooting with a fail report or else let you know that you are succeeded

libertv jailbreak

  • Those who failed can retry by simply launching the app

Once you are done, start to sideload whatever app, via SSH from Dropbear and accomplish whatsoever related to jailbreak

Manage Semi-untethered preference of LibertvĀ jailbreak

Semi-untethered is the status of Libertv jailbreak that you have to handle in varies occasions as the same manner of current jailbreak iOS 11.1.2. With that, behind every power cycle, you will have to apply the Libertv application to gain jailbreak back.

By the way, stay tuned for further updates of the utility. The procedure may fail for some technical reasons. But it does not mean that you have gone. Just retry and accomplish a successful result within few times. Navigate to the official page of Jonathan Levin for more info.

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