Jailbreak iOS 10 with Pangu for Cydia download

As Pangu has become the cleverest team among the jailbreak community. We just predict all future jailbreak tools will be them. So, while we all are looking for clues of download iOS 10 from Apple, we wish to collect all accessing areas without remain us for a long period like this. Because seems iOS 9 jailbreak of the entire chain has taken a long period of waiting than previous.

Even the jailbreak iOS 9 with the “Rootles” security feature too doesn’t keep us such anxiously as it was jailbroken in October last year within few weeks from the release. So we reported you some details we collected with the previous article as well. This will expand our reveal of jailbreak iOS 10 to keep you awake with the new security as well which will be place by apple to keep us away from Cydia.

jailbreak iOS 10
Device compatibility of the expected iOS 10

AS we all know, the jailbreak community has already started to remove some of old devices from their compatibility. Therefore, we know that the usual way of releasing a new iOS season is collected some new iDevices while removing older ones as well. But this wasn’t happen when we are passing the iOS 8 to iOS 9 as all were able to welcome install iOS 9 too. But, according to rumors, Apple has planning to remove some of older devices and include ones like iPhone 7.

This is because; older ones cannot work with such advanced iOS versions, and to encourage users to renew with a new Apple device. If you too using one of releases few years ago, then it is good to ready replacing a modern one if you need to be with the brand new iOS 10 download in the near future.

When will be the release of iOS 10 download?

We cited you that the first note of iOS 10 install will reach us the usual way in the WWDC which is planned to hold in June this year. Even most expecting that the iOS 10 will bring us features that we used as Cydia tweaks, we cannot confirm those as still those are predictions. But we hope the confirmation will be able to do soon with news of Apple as soon as possible. Because,there is only few months left to closer the WWDC.

The jailbreak iOS 10 form the tem Pangu

As we started this article, we hope the left iOS 9 versions too will be able to jailbreak by the team Pangu. As same tools that we currently have while our previous article of iOS 10 Cydia download publishing here, still the final update was done in iOS 9.1. But, this maybe change if any other team will be there with certain exploits of these versions removing Pangu.

However, more details of Cydia installer and others will be report here with future articles.

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