iPhone 6 jailbreak

iPhone 6 jailbreak with iOS 9

iPhone is the common iDevice for all Apple users around the world than any other. So, most users are waiting to reach news of new iPhone updates to see what the fresh are which Apple going to offer them. Anyhow, as last September was remarkable for Apple, their latest iPhones too were released for users as they planned. The operating system was iOS 9 which was planned as a grand and user-friendly release than any other before. Anyhow, even we all were waited to download Cydia on iOS 9, the jailbreak community failed for that until here. So users couldn’t upgrade their devices with any version after iOS 8.4.1 as it is the first version released covering iOS 9 series from jailbreakers.

How to jailbreak iPhone 6?

But we don’t need to worry if that as we already caught iOS 9 features thanks to Cydia even without upgrading. So, while we cannot jailbreak iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus we are able to iPhone 6 jailbreak and iPhone 6 plus without any doubt if they are still on iOS 8.4. Because for users who are already upgraded their devices with iOS 9 cannot use current jailbreak tools. As Taig jailbreak and PP jailbreak tools available for iOS 8.4 – iOS 8.1.3, users can apply them on their devices to download Cydia. 

Jailbreak iOS 9

By the way, as I former mentioned the effort of jailbreak community will take another few weeks to fulfill the variance of jailbreak iOS 9. Therefore, you mustn’t upgrade your iPhone 6S to iOS 9. Otherwise, Cydia iPhone 6 will far away from you for another couple of weeks until we reach the jailbreak iOS 9. So as Cydia has become an essential for you the best option is to stay from any other version without jailbreak tools yet. If any of you already using any version which are still there without jailbreak tools must standby for expecting iPhone 6 jailbreak in the near future.

Taig jailbreak iOS 9

According to sources, still any jailbreak team hasn’t give any sign of their jailbreak release for iOS 9. But we can be hopefully for Taig as rumors and experts say that they will be the next jailbreak tool as well because of their CEO’s proclamation few months ago. Because the new Keen team is the only one there to battle with Taig as it seem all other stand away from the tool which can offer us the Cydia iOS 9 possibility.

By the way, stay with us to welcome iOS 9 jailbreak soon to upgrade and reach Cydia iOS 9 as well.

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