iPhone 08 relaese event has confirmed on Mid of September

After the declaration of iOS 11 in last WWDC conference 2017 now it has passed two months of time period. During the time the whole iOS community arrested by the upcoming eleventh chapter. The Apple Engineers has launched several developers and public beta versions to stable the firmware. And lastly, they have released the 10th developer only beta version to the public before few days. And there were several rumors related to an upcoming iPhone 08. Any how finally, now the Apple developers have confirmed the iPhone 08 release date. And now it has left another few more days for the release. So, if you wish to know more about this, then you can follow this simple guide.

iPhone 08 release

Attentively, now the Apple company reach for the final gold master release of iOS 11 chapter. As a result of that now finally, the Apple company has released another developer beta versions to improve the performance of the chapter. Within the test edition, developers are focused to flatten the remaining bugs and stabilized the chapter. Moreover, as you know the Apple company celebrate their 10th anniversary of the iPhone product. And there were several rumors related to their iPhone 08 product to celebrate the event. So, now finally, they have confirmed the released date of the product.

iPhone 08 release will be within few more days

Finally, proving the all remaining facts, Apple developers have fixed the release date of the iPhone 08 product. Yes, on the last 31st of August they have sent invitations for media to participate the iPhone 08 launch event. And the invitation has noted ““Let’s meet at our place. Please join us for the first-ever event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino.” According to the facts, the iPhone 08 release event will be held at the Steve Jobs theatre in Cupertino. And now on coming 12th Tuesday, they will launch the product on 10.00 a.m of Pacific time. So, get ready to enjoy the adorable features of the iPhone 08 product.

Of course, Now you may wish to know the attractive features of the iPhone 08. Yeah, according to the remaining facts, here I have noted down some of the features of the iPhone 08 product.

  • Face recognition technology with 3D sensor
  • Apple’s A11 Chip
  • Storage space up to 256GB
  • OLED display with 5.8 inch and, Edge to Edge screen without Physical Home Button
  • Dust and water resistant with upgrade IP68 Certificate
  • Feature for Wireless charging
  • Fully glassed body

iPhone 08 release

Get ready to enjoy iOS 11 in soon

It has left another few more days to launch the iPhone 08 product to the public. Therefore, the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can enjoy the iOS 11 chapter within another few more days. through that iDevice users can enjoy more admirable features in the aspects of Siri app, Map app, Message App, Lock Screen, Notification center and more. So, if you are with an eligible iDevice to enjoy the features of iOS 11, then get ready to welcome the chapter.And the Cydia lovers too eager to know more facts related to the quiddity of iOS 11 jailbreak.

Wind Up…

Finally, now if you wish to enjoy the iPhone 08 then need to mention that after the launch you haven’t the access to use it. According to the relevant facts, it has left another two or three months to spread it all over the world. And it will cost around $1000 to $1200. Yeah, it will differ based on the device storage space. And if we get more facts then we are ready to share those things with you. And to have more facts of iPhone 08 release than you can stay tuned with us.

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