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Can I capture Cydia download iOS 11 right now?

Apple mutely launched the third beta of iOS 10.3.3 which famed as the final chapter in this fall. For its minor role among OS sessions, iOS 11 becomes the top rated search in our time which has excessive surroundings. As promised, the first seed of the episode has been dropped to the audience during the keynote of WWDC last Monday. This comprises hundreds of brand-new enhancements and features which even occupied from jailbreakers. However, you probably open this post to confirm whether you are able to capture Cydia download iOS 11? Here is everything you need to know about jailbreak iOS 11.

cydia download ios 11

Can I reach Cydia download iOS 11?

Guess, you are one of those who loves to follow wonderful job of jailbreakers to set up tons of Cydia tweaks to enjoy entirety. Though we also must be grateful for the Company for their dedicated in progressing OS creations, it is greater crack the barrier and let all collect whichever feature they extremely love beyond stock compatibilities. However, for still it is fresh and has to pass iOS 10.3.2 and others for their respective jailbreaks, no any single hacker who opened Cydia download iOS 11 story to the public up to now. Thus, it is clear that the iOS 11 has no jailbreak tool yet which is the bridge for Cydia.

cydia download ios 11

Can I get Cydia tweaks in iOS 11?

This is something cool as iOS 11 already captured the mass of Cydia tweaks and themes but just without jailbreak. Do not get confused. It is all about what we narrate for you earlier with all new stock features that imitated from Cydia sources. Functions you collected over CCRecord, iFile, CChide, GIFViwer, MultiIconMover, Harbor, OneHanded and so on are already there as stock cooperatives that made the update greater than ever.

Should you download iOS 11?

cydia download ios 11

While this I am writing this nonfiction, the existing beta 1 is in developer level, which you must confirm your enrollment in Dev Center. For the most part, this will not let you feel the absolute feeling of those features surrounded. It is clear as the version have to sharp more areas to become smooth and sharp around this September through the major drop.

However, as you will probably a jailbroken user, this must be another avoiding chapter until it will victory download Cydia iOS 11. Here are 7 reasons why you should keep away from installing iOS 11 for few more months.

Top reasons to avoid iOS 11 install

cydia download ios 11

  • The first and foremost thing is iOS 11 do not have Cydia download path at the moment. Even it does not hint either for a future opportunity thus far
  • Apps will not work properly as I indicated because of its unstable status at this instant
  • And then, since the operating system being research and polish, there you will meet more and more issues and errors adjoining bugs
  • Downgrade iOS 11 is the next which those who wish to return to iOS 10.3.2 have to concern. Even the Company as well warns that some of you may not be able to return. Furthermore, either you have the chance, you do not know when will Apple close the downgrade gate? So it is serious than anything else

By the way, not only for its Cydia download iOS 11 incompatibility, but also there are certainly other reasons for you to concern while standing as a jailbreaker. If you still did not upgrade with, it is wise and good to continue as an out-and-out jailbreaker.

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Preview of download iOS 10 features

We heard a lot about iOS 10 during last couple of days. The reason is, Apple has officially noted their release to start from June onwards. Users will be able to get to know more about this version from then. So, today our expect is to make you know a little about iOS 10 download announcement.

Apple has mainly arranged the note using its main and hidden iOS 10 features, new apps enhancements, and their aim of releasing such an OS for users.

iOS 10

WWDC 2016 for iOS 10

Usually it is the way of announcing new Apple operating system generations during the annual Conference. So the planned started day announced a lot about their versions for users to know their future usage of iOS, even before start its public testing period. The fall of iOS 10 beta 1 has signed to do from another couple of weeks in July. Commence of the conference included Mac OS, TV and Watch OS as well.

ios 10

Glance of the expected release

iOS 10 has removed old devices of the generations of iPhone 4s. So the list dwell starting from the iPhone 5 as below. We guess that the list for the iOS 10 jailbreak will make more differences on this in the future.


  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus
  • iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s
  • iPad Mini 2, iPad Mni 3, iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air, iPad Air 2
  • iPad 4th G
  • iPod touch 6th G

Public release

This seems to be release after completing the version in the video showed. The expecting month is September for all above devices and some other new as well.

Arranged features of the version

In iOS 10, Apple has arranged interesting features in a useful way to make users even far away from jailbreak. We found some features are similar and nearly work for Cydia tweaks. However, this will take you a tour through iOS 10 download features.

  • Wake up the device, just raising it


With this feature, you have to just pick your iPhone and make known it that you need to see its notifications. And then replace to sleep the screen. The inspired Cydia tweak FaceOff is there for the same feature.

  • Improved Siri

ios 10

A new API call SiriKit can now expand work-out of Siri in a useful way. This has the ability to work even with third party apps.

  • Stickers for Messages app

ios 10

Amusing stickers according to your chat can use while working on your iOS 10. This is similar to Face book Messenger we usually used to make the chat interesting and fun.

  • Linked notifications

These notifications can now let you work on them without move, just on your Lock screen.

  • 3D touch for Weather app

ios 10

This is a kind of a shortcut you can use as an improvement of 3D touch connected to the Weather app. If you are a jailbreak users, have you ever tried the ShortCuts tweak from Cydia? It seems as another inspiration for Apple iOS 10 features from Cydia.

  • Lyrics for the playing song

ios 10

Apple Music too has included a new movement for you to see the lyrics of the song you are listing.

  • Written messages for iMessages

ios 10

Write and send your own handwriting to the receiver. Now you can write the message and send it.

  • Widgets on your Lock screen

Just swipe left to right on your Lock screen and see for the Widgets. But this will have some limitations as the aim is seems to be used Widgets for Notification Center.

However, hope you get an idea of iOS 10, which you will offer as an Apple iOS user. These are just smaller features and you can check for our updates for major changes of the version with our future guidance.

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Jailbreak iOS 10 with Pangu for Cydia download

As Pangu has become the cleverest team among the jailbreak community. We just predict all future jailbreak tools will be them. So, while we all are looking for clues of download iOS 10 from Apple, we wish to collect all accessing areas without remain us for a long period like this. Because seems iOS 9 jailbreak of the entire chain has taken a long period of waiting than previous.

Even the jailbreak iOS 9 with the “Rootles” security feature too doesn’t keep us such anxiously as it was jailbroken in October last year within few weeks from the release. So we reported you some details we collected with the previous article as well. This will expand our reveal of jailbreak iOS 10 to keep you awake with the new security as well which will be place by apple to keep us away from Cydia.

jailbreak iOS 10
Device compatibility of the expected iOS 10

AS we all know, the jailbreak community has already started to remove some of old devices from their compatibility. Therefore, we know that the usual way of releasing a new iOS season is collected some new iDevices while removing older ones as well. But this wasn’t happen when we are passing the iOS 8 to iOS 9 as all were able to welcome install iOS 9 too. But, according to rumors, Apple has planning to remove some of older devices and include ones like iPhone 7.

This is because; older ones cannot work with such advanced iOS versions, and to encourage users to renew with a new Apple device. If you too using one of releases few years ago, then it is good to ready replacing a modern one if you need to be with the brand new iOS 10 download in the near future.

When will be the release of iOS 10 download?

We cited you that the first note of iOS 10 install will reach us the usual way in the WWDC which is planned to hold in June this year. Even most expecting that the iOS 10 will bring us features that we used as Cydia tweaks, we cannot confirm those as still those are predictions. But we hope the confirmation will be able to do soon with news of Apple as soon as possible. Because,there is only few months left to closer the WWDC.

The jailbreak iOS 10 form the tem Pangu

As we started this article, we hope the left iOS 9 versions too will be able to jailbreak by the team Pangu. As same tools that we currently have while our previous article of iOS 10 Cydia download publishing here, still the final update was done in iOS 9.1. But, this maybe change if any other team will be there with certain exploits of these versions removing Pangu.

However, more details of Cydia installer and others will be report here with future articles.

Complete User Manual for Apple TV 4 Jailbreak

Good news for everyone, Pangu has been updated making untethered jailbreak on apple tv 4 running on tvOS 9.0 and tvOS 9.1. They provided a right and complete user manual alongside the jailbreak setup to use Pangu tv jailbreak utility without any problem. In our previous article, we tagged about the latest Pangu apple tv 4 jailbreak free pack. Additionally, anybody can use the tool, because it has not hard theory. It is very simple. Today, I reserved my time to guide on how to jailbreak apple tv 4 using pangu ATV 4 jailbreak pack. Please read complete instructions before you jumping to the process.

apple tv4 jailbreak

Requirements for apple tv 4 jailbreak

  • Hardware: Mac computer, Apple TV 4 running on iOS 9.0, USB-C type cable
  • APP: Xcode
  • Membership of apple development project

Sample data :

  • Certificate common name – “iPhone Developer: test (ALI766JXB5)”
  • BundleID –  com.sample.tvjb
  • Apple TV 4 UDID – e5e2c931d4a94ecf71e12a88b0b4579b
  • Team ID – 93AA45BBCC

Pangu Jailbreak User Manual For Average Users to Jailbreak Apple TV 4

Step 1  : Download apple tv 4 jailbreak. zip pangu free pack from Pangu’s page and unzip the downloaded compressed file.

Step 2 : Plug your apple TV 4 to your Mac using USB-C cable and open Xcode. Go to windows >Devics and select the connected apple TV 4 from the list of available devices.

jailbreak apple tv4

Step 3 : You will see your device information under the “device information”. Find the “Identifier” label and make a note of the UDID of your apple TV 4.

Step 5 : Log into your apple developer account and register the apple TV using the UDID recorded above. Note : If you expect to jailbreak multiple apple TV,s then you need to repeat the process and register each one individually.

jailbreak apple tv4

Step 6 :Create new App ID for the TV device, while logging into the apple developer portal. Now generate a mobile provisioning profile by following the URL Go to the “Development” heading and select the tvOS App development profile before clicking. Now select your developer certificate.

jailbreak apple tv

Step 7 : When you click the “Select devices” page, you will see all device that you click to jailbreak and then click continue to proceed.

Step 8 : Download the created provisioning profile and save it to the apple tv jailbreak folder. Next, open the keychain access app on mac and select “Certificates” from Category section.

jailbreak atv

Step 9 : Finally, go to the Xcode by selecting Window > Devices from menu and then click the ‘+’ with your apple tv 4 selected. Now select atvipa file from Playload> folder.

Step 10 : The pangu jailbreak tool should now install directly to your apple TV 4. After the installation, open the pangu app to jailbreak your device.

jailbreak atv

Now user can connect your device by SSH – port 22 which will open dropbear on the tv. It will be the good thing to change the default password and/or add a host key to /var/root/.ssh/authorized_keys. As above mentioned, you should register all device and chose all device to prepare provision file.

If you need additional info about apple tv 4 jailbreak guide, then click here. Hopefully, our next article for must-need apps for jailbroken apple tv 4.

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Latest iPhone Jailbreak


Latest iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus jailbreak

Jailbreak is a Once of the Different Process of removing Containments of iOS devices and It allow you to install jailbreak applications, Tweaks ,themes and also Mod features  through Cydia which has Not  been in  the Apple app Store. Now,  Jailbreak tool even able to acquire the latest iPhone jailbreak to enhance the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus functional with the latest Jailbreak tools.

It is the best ideal Latest iPhone Devices has outbreak to the Apple fans By Apple in several Time Back .the latest Apple devices were released with most novel advancements for all the globe iPhone gentry. Therein, Majority Of people desires to use Apple Devices to gain many features to their devices. Therefore, with considering those improvements, I know now you imagine how you will able to Include Such Cydia Features to your Latest iPhone jailbreak devices. Actually, we are pleasure to say you, there is one Good choice for you to Jailbreak your Latest device at these moments. It is Pangu jailbreak tool. iOS 9 is the only version you able to Jailbreak latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus Devices. Somehow, the tool that having for latest iPhone Jailbreak as Pangu Jailbreak tool which Including iOS 9.0, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2.Even any version you Possible to jailbreak latest  devices. Remember iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus Devices can only Jailbreak using iOS 9 jailbreak series.

Latest iPhone jailbreak on iOS 9, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2

Jailbreak iOS 9.0, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 has released  By A Group Of Chinese hackers team. They have really Lucky to Supports to their jailbreak ability to newest Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Devices.

  • iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s , iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s
  • iPad Air 2,iPad Air,iPad 4,iPad 3 and 2
  • iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, 1st Gen iPad mini
  • 6th Gen iPod touch, 5th Gen iPod touch

Supported Firmware’s  

  • iOS 9.0
  • iOS 9.0.1
  • iOS 9.0.2

Full Complete Step Guide for Latest iPhone 6S Jailbreak  

  1. Select one Concern among Windows and Mac, after that better to download latest Pangu 9 Jailbreak using any Official Site.
  2. get Downloaded Pangu tool and then recollect to Run it
  3. Affiliate your iPhone 6S Device into Computer.
  4. Now you Able to start the jailbreak Process By Clicking Start Button
  5. After the Movement, iPhone 6s Device will reboot and Pangu tool will ask you to Put back again into Airplane Mode at once then it will Continue with Pangu 9 jailbreak
  6. Sometimes your Device will reboot once again, No matter, You Do not make affright with your Device. It will inform your device will be Jailbroke soon after the rebooted.
  7. That will be the Cydia Download Process. Actually, after few Minute you will see the Cydia Application on your Home screen.
  8. That means, iPhone 6S Device has successfully jailbroken!


Pangu tool has always strongly Recommend you to have a fully Backup from your device . This is the best preventive method for data loss.

Second one, you should need to Enable your Airplane mode and Disable your Passcode and Find My iPhone in behind your System.

Pangu iOS 9 on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus are Most recent Apple Mobile Phones which was come in with Huge Latest updated features with Including Various Kind of  enjoyable features like imassages, emails, Slender shape and  high-order Camera and many attractive features Beyond all the Mobile Brands.It has arrived us Since September 25th Of 2015 very Nearly day.As I earlier Informed you , If you Need to Upgrade your device More than Current Performance Now you Possible with that Only Using Pangu Jailbreak tool. Pangu is the only jailbreak tool that can allow you to Jailbreak iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus Latest Devices.

iOS 9.1, 9.2 and 9.2.1 On Latest iPhone Jailbreak

Pangu is the admirer Jailbreak leading tool in this Occasion. But is there anyone who enthusiast to Obtain latest iPhone Jailbreak with using above ios versions on Pangu. Truly, you could not possible with that yet. Some newsletters are let that Already Apple has patched iOS 9.1 Pangu jailbreak tool. Anyhow, Both iOS 9.2 and 9.2.1 are not Jailbroken as Officially. But we make sure iOS 9.2 and iOS 9.2.1 will almost release in a Nearly day.

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