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Will it be possible to Cydia download iOS 11.1?

Of course, sometimes you may eager to know some special facts regarding iOS 11 jailbreak. Of course, it seems the Apple developers successfully go through the firmware and now stay at the 11.1.1 firmware edition. Moreover, they are currently conducting the beta versions for their upcoming second major update. At the time, here we have a good news for the Cydia users relating the quiddity for Cydia download iOS 11.1. Of course, within this again proves that the iOS hackers are currently conducting their activities toward for a final worthy cracking utility. Fine, let us concern more about this newest fact to have an idea.

Cydia download iOS 11.1

It is near two months the Apple Company unveiled their giant iOS 11 iteration, to the public. And during the time period, they have released other several chapters to the public to improve the performance and offer more other promised features to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users.  Therefore, most of the iDevice users have upgraded their devices to this massive chapter. But, the Cydia lovers are still away from those chapters until any confirmation for iOS 11 jailbreak. Yeah, during the time period, there were some attempts related to Cydia iOS 11. But none of them came to real.

Recent iPhone X jailbreak demo

As all of us know, the iPhone X was the huge release of this year, It has developed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone line. And now it has passed few days that the iPhone X was live. This latest iPhone is based on the newest iOS 11 firmware and incurred so many enhancement and quality features. Therefore, it is marvelous to hear that hackers got success to jailbreak iPhone X. Of course, it has succeeded! Exactly, for the first time, this was happening and can hope it will base to turn another era in the Cydia community.

Cydia download iOS 11.1

Fine, now when we focused on the demonstration, the iOS hacker Liang Chen from the Keen lab was the person first time demoed this iPhone X jailbreak at the POC2017 event. Yeah, this security and hacking conference was held in Seoul, South Korea. Really, still, we couldn’t able to find more information related to the demo. But according to the remaining facts, Chen got success to jailbreak an iPhone X which is based on latest iOS 11.1.1 chapter.

Cydia download iOS 11.1 accessibility

Finally, based on this latest jailbreak demo you may guess, that in recent future there will be a final iOS 11 cracking tool to enjoy Cydia iOS 11.1. But need to say that it seems, Chen will not ready to offer a final iOS 11 jailbreak utility. But nothing to worry. Regarding this latest demonstration prove that the remaining latest iOS firmware is jailbreak friendly one. On the other side, Keen team jailbreak the latest and the foremost iPhone X. So, we can guess, that if in future any iOS 11 cracking utility will release, the all iOS 11 eligible devices can be jailbroken with it.

Cydia download iOS 11.1

Fine, if this latest demo is a result of a research activity, no matter. It is a good sign to prove the chapter is jailbreak friendly. We know that recently Luca Todesco is with “Webkit” exploit for iOS 11. These are some clue to hope a cracking utility in future. On the ground, as a Cydia users, don’t be confused. till you get the chance for Cydia download iOS 11.1 you can enjoy the remaining latest Cydia apps and tweaks with your jailbroken device and feel fresh with it. And hand together with us. We are always ready to offer the all updated facts for you as soon as possible.

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Enjoy iOS 11.1 emoji with your jailbroken iDevice

At the beginning of the November 2017, the Apple Company has cast-off their first major firmware update of the 11th session. So, through this iOS 11.1 firmware, the developer has focused to fix some remaining bugs, performance improvements and add nearly 70 of new emojis. Of course, I know, that as a Cydia lover you don’t like to upgrade your iDevice to this latest version. However, you may wish to enjoy the Emojis of iOS 11.1 with your iOS 9 or 10 jailbroken device. OK, then here I have offered the way how you can use the latest first chapter features with your jailbroken device without upgrade the device.

i|OS 11.1 emojis

iOS 11.1 Emojis for jailbroken iDevices

Of course, as a jailbreak user, you may not willing to lose the jailbreak access to your iDevice. Anyhow, I think you may willing to experienced and view the latest emojis with your jailbroken iDevice too. So, here today I have focused to offer the most reliable and stable method for you to enjoy those latest iOS 11.1 emojis within your older jailbroken iDevice. Of course, the jailbreak users are who are on iOS 5.1 to iOS 10.2 can use this technique. Anyhow keep in mind that it is different based on the firmware. So, the jailbreak users who are on iOS 10.0 to iOS 10.2 can use this method.

Required files

  • Your jailbroken iDevice need to have the Poomsmart’s Cydia repository
  • iOS 11.1 beta 2 copy

How to proceed

  • If you haven’t the Poomsmart’s Cydia repository then you want to launch the Cydia app and add  “”
  • If you have installed any other emoji themes on the handset then you want to remove all of them
  • With the help of any of the easy method like Airdrop, email, SSH, you can transfer the emoji font file to your device. Easily you can have it from Poomsmart
  • Then run the Cydia and you want to install some packages
    • EmojiAttributes
    • EmojiLibrary
    • EmojiPort (iOS 10)
    • Filza File Manager

iOS 11.1 Emojis

  • The saved iOS 11.1 Emojis font file that you have saved already want to move to the “Filza” So, open it and move the font file
  • There will be one or more original font files in the folder, select them. They will be entitled as “ApplecolorEmoji…” and to have a backup select the “Create Zip” option

iOS 11.1 Emoji

  • After creating the backup you want to delete the original Emoji font file for ready to replace
  • Then head to the iOS 11.1 Emoji font file and unzip it. And now rename it as like the original files that you have deleted. Of course, this name will be different from device to device.
  • Now respring the device with the original font zipped into a backup and the new, re-named iOS 11.1 file in place.
  • Fine, now head to the messaging app and change the Emoji Keyboard. Ok, now you are here with the iOS 11.1 emojis on your jailbroken iDevice. Anyhow, on some occasions, you want to have a force restart on the app will be needed to run smoothly.

That’s all. Now you have the access to enjoy the all newest iOS 11.1 emojis with your old iOS 10 jailbroken device without losing the jailbreak access. So, enjoy them. And to know more facts, like this you can stay tuned with us.

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Complete look over iOS 11.1 beta 4

It has passed around one month of the time period the apple developers offer their giant iOS 11 firmware edition to the public. So, now most of the iDevice users have upgraded their devices to this giant chapter to enjoy its cool features. Of course, it contains a large number of fantastic features.  Yeah, after the initial release of the chapter they have unveiled another three minor chapters to the public to flatten some bugs and improve the performance of the device. After that, they have focused about the next major update of the chapter and currently run the test edition of the firmware. So, now today let we concern about iOS 11.1 beta 4 and a quick look at the other beta editions.

iOS 11.1 beta 4

Seems that the quick-witted Apple Developers successfully focusing about their remaining latest firmware. And yeah besides the past minor chapters we could able to see more improved features and features with this upcoming major version. Really, just like the things happen in the iOS community, still the jailbreak community too aware to know how to download Cydia iOS 11. But actually, need to mention that, still hackers were unable to offer a worthy tool for that. Anyhow, nothing to worry the hackers will find a way in future.

iOS 11.1 beta 4 for developers

Well, in the moment as an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch user you may aware about all updates about the current iOS 11 edition. So, at the time you may wish to know what is the latest fact remaining with the firmware. Of course, in the present time, they have to focus on the first major update of the 11th iteration. On the ground, now they are with the test versions of the chapter and on last 21st they have seeded the iOS 11.1 beta 4. Yeah, it has unveiled after four days of the previous beta edition. And the chapter was available to the developers and not yet for the public testers. and with the public version release, we could able to have more idea about the chapter.

Fine, if you missed the past beta versions of iOS 11.1 and interest to know about them? Well, then here I have gathered the all notable features of the iOs 11.1 beta version in the below. So, go through it.

iOS 11.1 beta 4

iOS 11.1 beta 01

  • Near the Assistive Touch icon, Assistive Touch menu opens
  • Slightly modified transition between apps when tapping a notification
  • The Camera app icon has updated
  • The camera animation of Lock screen has updated
  • The emoji typing suggestions have Grouped
  • Touch menuAdded new icons in Assistive
  • Unlock animations has updated
  • When tapping status bar to go to top of page the animation has updated

iOS 11.1 beta 2

  • Added 10 New Unicode emoji characters
  • Return the 3D Touch Multitasking
  • The Home screen Reachability related bug has fixed
  • Tweaked the Emergency SOS Preferences

iOS 11.1 beta 3

  • Fixed the issue related to 3D Touch quick action shortcuts frame rate (stutter)
  • Haptics return for incorrect passcodes
  • You can Access Notifications and Widgets via Reachability

iOS 11.1 beta 4


After a few dates of the past iOS 11.1 beta 4 now they have released the fifth beta version for iOS 11. Of course, till now this latest iOS 11.1 beta 5 version is available for the registered developers. som, they can head to the Apple developer center or Via OTA updates they can have it. Yeah, it may include more advanced features. So, let we see what was inner with it in future.

OK, I think now you are with a clear idea about the upcoming iOS 11.1 chapter. Anyhow, if you wish to know more you can contact us. And to have more fresh updates you can stay tuned with us.

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Cydia download iOS 11 possibility related facts

After a long test period finally, Apple developers have launched their giant 11th iOS chapter to the public with more attractive features. Of course, now most of the iOS fans upgrade their devices to the giant edition to gain its experience. Anyhow, still there were some iDevice users waiting without upgrading their device, to know the possibility of Cydia download iOS 11. Of course, normally after each and every firmware update, we can see there were several discussions available in the iOS community based on the cracking possibility of the chapter. So, today let we focus on the breakability of the remaining latest giant firmware edition.

Cydia download iOS 11

Quiddity for Cydia download iOS 11?

At the last 19th of September, Apple developers have launched their blockbuster release of the iOS 11 firmware with more attractive features. Of course, they conduct ten beta version during three months period before releasing this giant edition. And now finally the chapter was live and the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users can enjoy more cool features with their device. But at the time when we consider about the jailbreak readiness of the 11th firmware, after the passed Keen team demo, no hackers got success to jailbreak the firmware edition. According to the remain facts, in the present time you haven;t the access to Cydia download iOS 11.

But nothing has to worry. as we suppose hacker will pay their full consideration over the firmware edition and in future they will offer a worthy cracking tool. So, till that as a Cydia lover, you want to be patient and wait by providing some more time period to the hackers.

Should I upgrade to iOS 11?

 Of course now with the giant 11th chapter arrivals most of the iDevice users are eager to upgrade their device to this massive update. But as a Cydia fan what is your opinion. Are you with a troublesome situation without having a clear idea. Of course, most of the Cydia fans are now Confuse, whether they need to upgrade or Not. Actually, in the moment, you haven’t the ability to jailbreak iOS 11 and enjoy Cydia with it. Om the ground, if you upgrade to the latest chapter, you may miss the chance to enjoy Cydia with your device. So, in my point of view, it is better for you to wait for your jailbroken chapter till another worthy cracking tool arrive to provide the access to enjoy Cydia download.

Cydia download iOS 11

Download Latest Cydia apps and tweaks

Now you know currently you haven’t the access to Cydia iOS 11. On the ground, it seems you need to wait for another more time period to enjoy a worthy cracking tool. Anyhow, at the moment there were several jailbreak apps and tweaks available in the market to enjoy the fantastic features of the 11th chapter. If you wish then head to Cydia world and have the latest Cydia apps and tweaks with your device to feel fresh with it. Anyhow, here I have listed down some of them.

  • Bolder
  • BlueBear for YouTube
  • CleanMusicCC
  • ClearRedDot
  • Dock+ for iPhone – $2.00
  • Huu for Hulu
  • Photomanager – $1.99
  • OLEDification – $1.99
  • ScrollyFolders
  • SnapCheck
  • SnapCheck

Really, there were more other paid and free jailbreak apps and tweaks available in the Cydia world. So, head to there and enjoy the jailbreak access till you get the opportunity for Cydia download iOS 11. If you wish to be with the latest Cydia related updates, then hands together with us.

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iPhone 08 relaese event has confirmed on Mid of September

After the declaration of iOS 11 in last WWDC conference 2017 now it has passed two months of time period. During the time the whole iOS community arrested by the upcoming eleventh chapter. The Apple Engineers has launched several developers and public beta versions to stable the firmware. And lastly, they have released the 10th developer only beta version to the public before few days. And there were several rumors related to an upcoming iPhone 08. Any how finally, now the Apple developers have confirmed the iPhone 08 release date. And now it has left another few more days for the release. So, if you wish to know more about this, then you can follow this simple guide.

iPhone 08 release

Attentively, now the Apple company reach for the final gold master release of iOS 11 chapter. As a result of that now finally, the Apple company has released another developer beta versions to improve the performance of the chapter. Within the test edition, developers are focused to flatten the remaining bugs and stabilized the chapter. Moreover, as you know the Apple company celebrate their 10th anniversary of the iPhone product. And there were several rumors related to their iPhone 08 product to celebrate the event. So, now finally, they have confirmed the released date of the product.

iPhone 08 release will be within few more days

Finally, proving the all remaining facts, Apple developers have fixed the release date of the iPhone 08 product. Yes, on the last 31st of August they have sent invitations for media to participate the iPhone 08 launch event. And the invitation has noted ““Let’s meet at our place. Please join us for the first-ever event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino.” According to the facts, the iPhone 08 release event will be held at the Steve Jobs theatre in Cupertino. And now on coming 12th Tuesday, they will launch the product on 10.00 a.m of Pacific time. So, get ready to enjoy the adorable features of the iPhone 08 product.

Of course, Now you may wish to know the attractive features of the iPhone 08. Yeah, according to the remaining facts, here I have noted down some of the features of the iPhone 08 product.

  • Face recognition technology with 3D sensor
  • Apple’s A11 Chip
  • Storage space up to 256GB
  • OLED display with 5.8 inch and, Edge to Edge screen without Physical Home Button
  • Dust and water resistant with upgrade IP68 Certificate
  • Feature for Wireless charging
  • Fully glassed body

iPhone 08 release

Get ready to enjoy iOS 11 in soon

It has left another few more days to launch the iPhone 08 product to the public. Therefore, the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can enjoy the iOS 11 chapter within another few more days. through that iDevice users can enjoy more admirable features in the aspects of Siri app, Map app, Message App, Lock Screen, Notification center and more. So, if you are with an eligible iDevice to enjoy the features of iOS 11, then get ready to welcome the chapter.And the Cydia lovers too eager to know more facts related to the quiddity of iOS 11 jailbreak.

Wind Up…

Finally, now if you wish to enjoy the iPhone 08 then need to mention that after the launch you haven’t the access to use it. According to the relevant facts, it has left another two or three months to spread it all over the world. And it will cost around $1000 to $1200. Yeah, it will differ based on the device storage space. And if we get more facts then we are ready to share those things with you. And to have more facts of iPhone 08 release than you can stay tuned with us.

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Get ready for Cydia download iOS 11

A couple of hours back, Apple launched the beta 7 of iOS 11 to developers. It is just a week ago we reached the sixth seed with all new enrichments. But the recent has fewer enhancements in accordance with the keynote. Those developer center members can grab the update on their iDevices throughout the respective scheme. For it is slowly getting nearer to the major role, we better start consider Cydia download iOS 11 now. Since HITBGSEC event takes place in Singapore these days, we keep our eagle eyes behind to get the hang out any related. Though hackers have to close iOS 10.0 as well before put their foot on, it feels pretty cool pay attention the impending major endeavor.

cydia download ios 11

Can I capture Cydia download iOS 11 right now?

Though it is misfortune knowing that still, hackers could not arrive at iOS 10.3.2 either. But as they further clue, the utility based on an influential vulnerability which exposed by Ian Beer a couple of weeks back will be able to open before long. For the noted hole has been patched throughout fixes in 10.3.3, it confirmed can only apply over 10.3.2 and might on early sessions as well.

However, for many of you asked the answer whether jailbreakers start chasing after Cydia iOS 11, yet it is though we have few pieces of evidence yet. But for the same reason having shady indications, it made us difficult to believe that the story smoothly walks to its destination. Even though, still there is no that extensive measurement, guess hackers will fill blanks to keep us confidently before long. Since Adam Donenfeld who is a well-known researcher promised for giving out amazing vulnerabilities we are anxiously concern when he and his team will drop things throughout this week of HITBGSEC.

cydia download ios 11

What’s new in iOS 11?

  • Notification center and the Control center merged to just slip the lock screen to open entire notifications
  • Control center paid back to a single window. Throughout the connected 3D touch, you can gain more specifications there
  • iMessages app drawer became easier
  • Apple pay now supports pay further connectors throughout the stock Messages app
  • Siri, Photos data, and iMessages can sync among all your iDevices via iCloud
  • Siri became natural supporting translations while having t8iny visual enrichment. Moreover, it works with QR codes and list as well
  • The App Store finally turns out to be bigger with all new design including tabs aimed at Today, Games and apps
  • The feature Do Not Disturb will mechanically restrict all notifications while you are driving
  • Screenshot previews will display at the bottom of the screen. Once snap it, you can directly share or mark before save
  • Files app placed instead of iCloud

cydia download ios 11

What’s new in beta 7?

Should you install iOS 11?

Contemporary beta 7 can have on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch once you are on the eligible list. For this announced as a minor amendment, it brought a number of repairs over features and security. Go through the respectable approach to grab the update if you do not agree with below conditions.

Not having jailbreak iOS 11 is a challenging attention sign us avoid install iOS 11. Though there is not the major version yet, the wisest verdict will be played around your contemporary station. But if you are already positioned iOS 11 beta 7, it is good to step back before long. Or else your jailbreak journey wills not that smooth. Though you can only return to 10.3.3, it would be virtuous though still it has no any jailbreak prediction rather than hang around an unstable in progressing edition looking for Cydia download iOS 11.

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Can I capture Cydia download iOS 11 right now?

Apple mutely launched the third beta of iOS 10.3.3 which famed as the final chapter in this fall. For its minor role among OS sessions, iOS 11 becomes the top rated search in our time which has excessive surroundings. As promised, the first seed of the episode has been dropped to the audience during the keynote of WWDC last Monday. This comprises hundreds of brand-new enhancements and features which even occupied from jailbreakers. However, you probably open this post to confirm whether you are able to capture Cydia download iOS 11? Here is everything you need to know about jailbreak iOS 11.

cydia download ios 11

Can I reach Cydia download iOS 11?

Guess, you are one of those who loves to follow wonderful job of jailbreakers to set up tons of Cydia tweaks to enjoy entirety. Though we also must be grateful for the Company for their dedicated in progressing OS creations, it is greater crack the barrier and let all collect whichever feature they extremely love beyond stock compatibilities. However, for still it is fresh and has to pass iOS 10.3.2 and others for their respective jailbreaks, no any single hacker who opened Cydia download iOS 11 story to the public up to now. Thus, it is clear that the iOS 11 has no jailbreak tool yet which is the bridge for Cydia.

cydia download ios 11

Can I get Cydia tweaks in iOS 11?

This is something cool as iOS 11 already captured the mass of Cydia tweaks and themes but just without jailbreak. Do not get confused. It is all about what we narrate for you earlier with all new stock features that imitated from Cydia sources. Functions you collected over CCRecord, iFile, CChide, GIFViwer, MultiIconMover, Harbor, OneHanded and so on are already there as stock cooperatives that made the update greater than ever.

Should you download iOS 11?

cydia download ios 11

While this I am writing this nonfiction, the existing beta 1 is in developer level, which you must confirm your enrollment in Dev Center. For the most part, this will not let you feel the absolute feeling of those features surrounded. It is clear as the version have to sharp more areas to become smooth and sharp around this September through the major drop.

However, as you will probably a jailbroken user, this must be another avoiding chapter until it will victory download Cydia iOS 11. Here are 7 reasons why you should keep away from installing iOS 11 for few more months.

Top reasons to avoid iOS 11 install

cydia download ios 11

  • The first and foremost thing is iOS 11 do not have Cydia download path at the moment. Even it does not hint either for a future opportunity thus far
  • Apps will not work properly as I indicated because of its unstable status at this instant
  • And then, since the operating system being research and polish, there you will meet more and more issues and errors adjoining bugs
  • Downgrade iOS 11 is the next which those who wish to return to iOS 10.3.2 have to concern. Even the Company as well warns that some of you may not be able to return. Furthermore, either you have the chance, you do not know when will Apple close the downgrade gate? So it is serious than anything else

By the way, not only for its Cydia download iOS 11 incompatibility, but also there are certainly other reasons for you to concern while standing as a jailbreaker. If you still did not upgrade with, it is wise and good to continue as an out-and-out jailbreaker.

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Preview of download iOS 10 features

We heard a lot about iOS 10 during last couple of days. The reason is, Apple has officially noted their release to start from June onwards. Users will be able to get to know more about this version from then. So, today our expect is to make you know a little about iOS 10 download announcement.

Apple has mainly arranged the note using its main and hidden iOS 10 features, new apps enhancements, and their aim of releasing such an OS for users.

iOS 10

WWDC 2016 for iOS 10

Usually it is the way of announcing new Apple operating system generations during the annual Conference. So the planned started day announced a lot about their versions for users to know their future usage of iOS, even before start its public testing period. The fall of iOS 10 beta 1 has signed to do from another couple of weeks in July. Commence of the conference included Mac OS, TV and Watch OS as well.

ios 10

Glance of the expected release

iOS 10 has removed old devices of the generations of iPhone 4s. So the list dwell starting from the iPhone 5 as below. We guess that the list for the iOS 10 jailbreak will make more differences on this in the future.


  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus
  • iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s
  • iPad Mini 2, iPad Mni 3, iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air, iPad Air 2
  • iPad 4th G
  • iPod touch 6th G

Public release

This seems to be release after completing the version in the video showed. The expecting month is September for all above devices and some other new as well.

Arranged features of the version

In iOS 10, Apple has arranged interesting features in a useful way to make users even far away from jailbreak. We found some features are similar and nearly work for Cydia tweaks. However, this will take you a tour through iOS 10 download features.

  • Wake up the device, just raising it


With this feature, you have to just pick your iPhone and make known it that you need to see its notifications. And then replace to sleep the screen. The inspired Cydia tweak FaceOff is there for the same feature.

  • Improved Siri

ios 10

A new API call SiriKit can now expand work-out of Siri in a useful way. This has the ability to work even with third party apps.

  • Stickers for Messages app

ios 10

Amusing stickers according to your chat can use while working on your iOS 10. This is similar to Face book Messenger we usually used to make the chat interesting and fun.

  • Linked notifications

These notifications can now let you work on them without move, just on your Lock screen.

  • 3D touch for Weather app

ios 10

This is a kind of a shortcut you can use as an improvement of 3D touch connected to the Weather app. If you are a jailbreak users, have you ever tried the ShortCuts tweak from Cydia? It seems as another inspiration for Apple iOS 10 features from Cydia.

  • Lyrics for the playing song

ios 10

Apple Music too has included a new movement for you to see the lyrics of the song you are listing.

  • Written messages for iMessages

ios 10

Write and send your own handwriting to the receiver. Now you can write the message and send it.

  • Widgets on your Lock screen

Just swipe left to right on your Lock screen and see for the Widgets. But this will have some limitations as the aim is seems to be used Widgets for Notification Center.

However, hope you get an idea of iOS 10, which you will offer as an Apple iOS user. These are just smaller features and you can check for our updates for major changes of the version with our future guidance.

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Jailbreak iOS 10 with Pangu for Cydia download

As Pangu has become the cleverest team among the jailbreak community. We just predict all future jailbreak tools will be them. So, while we all are looking for clues of download iOS 10 from Apple, we wish to collect all accessing areas without remain us for a long period like this. Because seems iOS 9 jailbreak of the entire chain has taken a long period of waiting than previous.

Even the jailbreak iOS 9 with the “Rootles” security feature too doesn’t keep us such anxiously as it was jailbroken in October last year within few weeks from the release. So we reported you some details we collected with the previous article as well. This will expand our reveal of jailbreak iOS 10 to keep you awake with the new security as well which will be place by apple to keep us away from Cydia.

jailbreak iOS 10
Device compatibility of the expected iOS 10

AS we all know, the jailbreak community has already started to remove some of old devices from their compatibility. Therefore, we know that the usual way of releasing a new iOS season is collected some new iDevices while removing older ones as well. But this wasn’t happen when we are passing the iOS 8 to iOS 9 as all were able to welcome install iOS 9 too. But, according to rumors, Apple has planning to remove some of older devices and include ones like iPhone 7.

This is because; older ones cannot work with such advanced iOS versions, and to encourage users to renew with a new Apple device. If you too using one of releases few years ago, then it is good to ready replacing a modern one if you need to be with the brand new iOS 10 download in the near future.

When will be the release of iOS 10 download?

We cited you that the first note of iOS 10 install will reach us the usual way in the WWDC which is planned to hold in June this year. Even most expecting that the iOS 10 will bring us features that we used as Cydia tweaks, we cannot confirm those as still those are predictions. But we hope the confirmation will be able to do soon with news of Apple as soon as possible. Because,there is only few months left to closer the WWDC.

The jailbreak iOS 10 form the tem Pangu

As we started this article, we hope the left iOS 9 versions too will be able to jailbreak by the team Pangu. As same tools that we currently have while our previous article of iOS 10 Cydia download publishing here, still the final update was done in iOS 9.1. But, this maybe change if any other team will be there with certain exploits of these versions removing Pangu.

However, more details of Cydia installer and others will be report here with future articles.

Complete User Manual for Apple TV 4 Jailbreak

Good news for everyone, Pangu has been updated making untethered jailbreak on apple tv 4 running on tvOS 9.0 and tvOS 9.1. They provided a right and complete user manual alongside the jailbreak setup to use Pangu tv jailbreak utility without any problem. In our previous article, we tagged about the latest Pangu apple tv 4 jailbreak free pack. Additionally, anybody can use the tool, because it has not hard theory. It is very simple. Today, I reserved my time to guide on how to jailbreak apple tv 4 using pangu ATV 4 jailbreak pack. Please read complete instructions before you jumping to the process.

apple tv4 jailbreak

Requirements for apple tv 4 jailbreak

  • Hardware: Mac computer, Apple TV 4 running on iOS 9.0, USB-C type cable
  • APP: Xcode
  • Membership of apple development project

Sample data :

  • Certificate common name – “iPhone Developer: test (ALI766JXB5)”
  • BundleID –  com.sample.tvjb
  • Apple TV 4 UDID – e5e2c931d4a94ecf71e12a88b0b4579b
  • Team ID – 93AA45BBCC

Pangu Jailbreak User Manual For Average Users to Jailbreak Apple TV 4

Step 1  : Download apple tv 4 jailbreak. zip pangu free pack from Pangu’s page and unzip the downloaded compressed file.

Step 2 : Plug your apple TV 4 to your Mac using USB-C cable and open Xcode. Go to windows >Devics and select the connected apple TV 4 from the list of available devices.

jailbreak apple tv4

Step 3 : You will see your device information under the “device information”. Find the “Identifier” label and make a note of the UDID of your apple TV 4.

Step 5 : Log into your apple developer account and register the apple TV using the UDID recorded above. Note : If you expect to jailbreak multiple apple TV,s then you need to repeat the process and register each one individually.

jailbreak apple tv4

Step 6 :Create new App ID for the TV device, while logging into the apple developer portal. Now generate a mobile provisioning profile by following the URL Go to the “Development” heading and select the tvOS App development profile before clicking. Now select your developer certificate.

jailbreak apple tv

Step 7 : When you click the “Select devices” page, you will see all device that you click to jailbreak and then click continue to proceed.

Step 8 : Download the created provisioning profile and save it to the apple tv jailbreak folder. Next, open the keychain access app on mac and select “Certificates” from Category section.

jailbreak atv

Step 9 : Finally, go to the Xcode by selecting Window > Devices from menu and then click the ‘+’ with your apple tv 4 selected. Now select atvipa file from Playload> folder.

Step 10 : The pangu jailbreak tool should now install directly to your apple TV 4. After the installation, open the pangu app to jailbreak your device.

jailbreak atv

Now user can connect your device by SSH – port 22 which will open dropbear on the tv. It will be the good thing to change the default password and/or add a host key to /var/root/.ssh/authorized_keys. As above mentioned, you should register all device and chose all device to prepare provision file.

If you need additional info about apple tv 4 jailbreak guide, then click here. Hopefully, our next article for must-need apps for jailbroken apple tv 4.

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