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iPhone 7 release date to keep you remain

While waiting to welcome a new iOS version, it is good to discuss with you about the brand new iPhone 7 release which still working on rumors. iPhone is the most popular and the best use of Apple users worldwide. Because, mostly iPhone has a collective of features and performances a user can enjoy with than having any other device.

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 after the World Wide Developer Conference

Anyhow, as we all expecting this to welcome after the WWDC in June. Because we can predict this as all popups were reach us through this annual conference of Apple. According to its usual venue, the WWDC 2016 too will be hold in June and it too will be another significant occasion for us to know more about iOS 10 and also, the device we are currently disusing as iPhone 7.

By the way, as still there is no any other Smartphone to battle with iPhone 6s Plus, hope iPhone 7 will keep it us and highly arranged us another great iDevice.

What rumors arranged us with its release

The most combination among rumors are now is iPhone 7 after the release of iOS 10 to start the journey from there. We hope that it will going to become true as the same was happen with previous iPhone 6s plus and iOS 9.0. And also, when we concern why iPhone 7 is solemn than any other of the WWDC, it is because the device going to start a new iPhone series this year.

As iOS 10 is going to be a grand release for all iPhone, iPod and iPad users if you are going to be an iPhone 7 user it will keep you high than any other iDevice. We were looking for videos too that explaining iPhone 7 preview, those too cannot explain further more. But we collected some predictions from rumors as follow.

Predicted new features of the brand new iPhone 7 that will amaze you

Will release as two models of devices with the difference of two seizes of screens. According to some of notes of Apple those two sizes will be the same we had with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus as 4.7 and 5.5 inch.

Also, you can use this video to review iPhone 7.

  • An advanced processor.
  • Some of unique features of other iDevices will be able to use in one device.
  • With more colors than previous.
  • Will release without a headphone jack.
  • The fixed release date

The most important part that you awaken read in this article is the release date. But unfortunately, we cannot yet predict the date of the release of the iPhone 7 as still Apple hasn’t out any detail of this officially.

However, you will have to be the first to order the iPhone 7 as soon as possible. Unless, you will have to stay a long period for your turn. Let’s meet again at the edge of the iPhone 7. But we know that our responsibility is to feed you with all details we receive newly.

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